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2 bedroom townhouse in the heart of Kits!

Location, Location, Location, This spacious townhouse is on 4th and Collingwood. The rent will be $1,995.00 on a one year lease plus utilities. No pets.

More information to come...

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Where do I get my rental application?

You may download an application off of our website or you may get one from our office which is located at 3399 West 4th Avenue between the hours of 8:00am- 3:30pm with a closure from 12:00pm- 12:30pm for lunch.

Am I expected to carry insurance on my unit even though it is tenanted? Are tenants required to carry insurance?

The building insurance does not cover tenant’s belongings or liability. It is recommended but is not mandatory that tenant’s carry insurance.

What is your screening process when selecting a tenant?

A Balfour Properties Limited application form is filled out by a potential tenant with a credit and previous landlord check being done.

What methods of rent payment does Balfour Properties Limited accept?

Balfour Properties accepts cheques, money orders, bank drafts and email e-transfers. Once you have signed your lease we take postdated cheques for the duration of your one year lease. We find that after your one year lease where your tenancy then switches to “month to month” that it is easier for the tenant to drop off more postdated cheques for the upcoming months or year.

{Who do I call for Maintenance and Repairs?}

if need be, for repairs please call 604-733-8722 ex. 3

If you have an emergency please call 604-733-8722 ex. 2 or 604-643-8228

How do I set up an appointment to view one of your available rental units?

You can email or call our property manager Andrew Balfour at 604-202-9442

Can the lease be broken?

All lease agreements are legal contracts and cannot be broken without the consent of both parties involved. Therefore, you cannot break your lease without first consulting Balfour Properties Limited and obtaining our approval.

What do you ask for in regards to Security/Damage deposits?

Balfour Properties Limited holds one half of your first month’s rent for the deposit.